14 Days return policy

We understand that each piece of your jewellery is extremely precious to you. In case you are not pleased with the product, you can always return it back to us within the 14-days’ time period from the day it was delivered at your door-step.

For instance, If you buy a Malabar gold ring but are not satisfied with the final purchase, you could immediately call the customer care number or mail us and book for a return and without any questions we would book a return and will send our courier person to your address for pick-up in UAE. Please note return shipping is free in this case within UAE.

  • If our customers do not like the jewellery and solitaire purchase from us, they can send it back to us within 14days from the date of delivery. 
  • The amount of the product refund should not exceed USD 2,500 in case of Jewellery and USD 6,000 in case of solitaire diamonds. For amount higher than the prescribed limit, our buyback policy is applicable.
  • The 14 days refund policy is not applicable on Gold Coins and Swiss Pamp; however our buyback policy is applicable for the same.
  • Refund request can be done by informing our customer care team via email or call. If the reverse pick up location is United Arab Emirates (UAE), then we will do the reverse pickup from the location and incase the shipping location is outside UAE, the customer has to ship the product back to our UAE address at their own cost. As soon as we receive the product and after our internal quality check, the refund will be done in 10 working days.
  • Product should be accompanied with original product certificate and original/copy of invoice for the refund.
  • In case, if a customer cannot produce the original certificate of the product, we will send the jewellery/solitaire to the Lab for recertification and the certification cost shall be borne by the customer. The certification cost of diamond jewellery is USD 20 and for Solitaire diamond is USD 50.
  • During the quality check of the product by our quality check team, any product which show signs of wear and tear , or have been resized, altered or damaged, then it will not be accepted under 14 days refund policy and for that our buyback policy is applicable.
  • This refund facility is not available at any of our stores.
  • This policy is not applicable for products that are ordered with specific indications like customization, engraving, and purchase using promotion code or by discount coupon.
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