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Envy Collection

Dazzle The World With Your Chic Looks!
Jewellery adds spark to any ordinary ensemble! Envy Gold Jewellery Collection from the house of Malabar Gold & Diamonds not just amazes onlookers but makes them resent your diva look. As a worldwide leader in jewellery designing, we at Malabar Gold & Diamonds aim to serve jewellery lovers with best possible trinkets not just in designs but in quality as well. Envy collection is one such endeavour from us that is sure to win you accolades on every occasion.

Aimed to Rule!

A woman is a symbol of selfless service and love. Her role in every field today has been accepted. Today women are not just limited to households, they have outgrown every limit. Bringing smiles to homes and zeal at work area, women today aim to rule every field. For women so zealous and vivacious, Envy Gold collection is perfect to adorn. From stylish necklaces to modish earrings, this collection offers many trinkets to women specific to their preference. The exquisite Fashion gold dangler collection from the Envy compilation is a must grab for fashion enthusiast women.

Diverse Designs for Everyone

Malabar Gold & Diamonds is known for crafting designs in jewellery that are not just unique but trendy as well. Every jewellery piece designed by us reflects our finesse for excellence. The Envy Gold Jewellery Collection designed by our expert artisans immaculately signifies our intention of furnishing jewellery lovers with pieces that blend with style preference of every woman. Every trinket crafted by us is the result of immense craftsmanship that aims at winning accolades and looks both. The Envy Gold Necklace Collection includes myriad of designs that flawlessly complement casual, formal or occasional ensembles. The wide range of designs is a marvellous epitome of our artistry and your brilliant taste. Perfect for your signature style both at home or work area, every piece from the collection is worth your grab and others attention!

Online Collection

Undoubtedly an owner’s pride, the Envy gold collection jewellery is worth everyone’s attention! This eclectic collection from Malabar Gold & Diamonds is a perfect display of chic designs. With our online collection, we intend to make tasks like buying jewellery easy and fast. The Envy Gold Earring collection online deals include an authentic range of earrings that can be bought from the comforts of your home. Every piece available online is BIS hallmarked and is delivered at your door steps at the touch of a click!

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