Gold Coin 995 Purity

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Gold Coin 995 Purity

995 purity gold coin for gift

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your best friend who is getting married? Do you want to gift something special to your daughter this Diwali? Is your son coming home with a degree anticipating a gift from you? Well, for all these occasions, a 995 purity gold coin is the perfect gifting option.

995 purity gold coin: The best gift

  • Gold coin 995 purity for gifts

    A great reason to buy 24kt gold coins is that they are a perfect gifting option for various occasions. If you are looking for something extra special to gift your loved ones on any occasion, you can gift them gold coins. As gold is a precious metal, your loved one would certainly appreciate your gesture.
    There are several occasions where you can gift 24 kt (995 purity) gold coins including weddings, on the birth of a baby, baby’s first birthday, or festivals. If you want to gift something very special to your best friend at her wedding, you can consider gifting a 995 purity gold coin. You can go for a beautiful gold coin with impression instead of option for a plain one.
    If your relative or best friend has just delivered a baby, going to see them empty-handed is bad manners. Instead of turning up with baby clothes, you can gift them 995 purity gold coin.
  • Gold coin

    An ideal wedding return gift: Many of you will raise an eyebrow over the thought of gifting a gold coin 995 purity to the guests who attended the wedding but, this is indeed an ideal option. For this special purpose, you need not opt for a 50 g gold coin; you can gift a 1 g gold coin to all your relatives and close friends.
  • Gold coins for different budget

    To buy 24 kt gold coins, you need not splurge all your savings. If you do not have a big budget but want to buy a gold coin for gifting it someone, you can buy them in lower weight options.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds: The best place to buy 24kt gold coins

If you wish to buy 24kt gold coins online, you should buy them only from Malabar. We, at Malabar Gold and Diamonds, provide many options in this respect. We have gold coins in different weights and impressions.

You should buy 995 purity gold coin online with us because:

  • Safe: You can enjoy safe shopping experience with us. As we are not a new name in the industry, you can trust us blindly and buy a precious metal like gold online.
  • Secure payments: You need not worry about the payment as we provide many safe payment options. You can choose any option as per your comfort.
  • Multiple options: You will get ample options to choose from. In terms of weight, price, and design; we provide man options.

Buy 24kt gold coins online with us and bring an ear to ear smile on the lips of your loved ones.

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