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Baby Birth Gifts

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Baby Birth Gifts

Baby Birth Gifts Collection

A baby’s birth brings in moments of happiness and merriment. The best gift on such an occasion can be none other than gold for new born baby. The Baby Birth Gifts Collection from Malabar Gold and Diamonds presents you with the right kind of gold ornaments for gifting a baby. Malabar Gold and Diamonds is one among the best in the gem and jewelry industry operating from Mumbai and the world around. Gold is an auspicious gift for a baby. We offer you several ranges of rings, pendants, bangles and bracelets on our web page that are not only attractive but reasonably priced as well. The jewelry showcased on the web page has the latest designs and are undoubtedly the best in the world.

You can easily check out the different categories of ornaments on the web page to select the best one as per the preferences. The ornaments can also be chosen from different sections of price categories, product types, brand name, design type, gold purity, wearing style, gold color, ring size (Indian), shape and size. There are products from three different brands namely Malabar, Mine and Starlet. Each of the categories is different from the other in terms of the kind of designs and quality. Gold gift for baby birth are made either of 18 or 22 carats. The gold gifts are specialized for different wearing styles such as for casual occasions or for daily wear. There are four basic design categories which include the contemporary style classic style, floral pattern and oval shaped. The jewelry pieces have been polished to give them a graceful look. They either have a two toned color or are yellow or white. We have put up jewelry in different shapes and sizes specially designed for kids and women. They could be gifted not only on the baby’s birth but later as well since they are superb gifts for kids.

One can easily sign up with our website of Malabar Gold and Diamonds and receive a handy gift worth five hundred rupees. In order to satisfy any kind of queries with regards to the products or for any assistance we provide phone numbers and a constant online chat support option as well.

You can not only buy gold gift for new born baby but also look out for other kinds of jewelry using links provided on the web page. We allow one to follow up with us on different social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and many more. The web page has been listed up with various

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